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Subaru BRZ


Dynamic. Sophisticated. Thrilling. With its low centre of gravity, rear-wheel drive and taut chassis, the BRZ delivers exceptional on-road handling. However you drive, the BRZ is stable, manoeuvrable and responsive. The BRZ boasts an upgraded infotainment system, with 7” multi-function display, satellite navigation, DAB radio and Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ – all as standard.


Rear-wheel Drive

Using a rear-wheel drive sports car drivetrain allows the engine to sit further back in the BRZ chassis, providing perfect balance for precise control and grip during cornering. This agile platform also has a quick-ratio steering system — tuned to react instantly to every input.

Subaru BRZ4


Has a longitudinally-mounted horizontally-opposed configuration. The pistons are placed 180 degrees apart allowing a lower, flatter engine profile. This gives the powerplant – and therefore the whole car- a lower centre of gravity. This more balanced weight distribution gives the BRZ exceptional handling and poise.


Torsen® Limited Slip Differential

Delivers exhilarating precision in every corner—handling that sets a Subaru BRZ apart. The limited-slip differential automatically diverts engine power to the rear wheel with the most traction. The car’s handling stays predictable so you can maintain your driving line during high speeds. On rough roads, it also enhances comfort and control.

Subaru BRZ5
Subaru BRZ8

The BRZ’s Vehicle Stability Control

Uses advanced electronic monitoring — including braking, steering and yaw sensors — to mediate the engine power and brakes to help mitigate unexpected over or understeer, enhancing control and handling.

The BRZ’s TRACK mode

Offers four driving settings ranging from normal to sporty. For the purest driving experience, you can even choose to turn off Vehicle Stability Control.

Subaru BRZ7


Subaru BRZ2

The BRZ’s SUBARU*1 infotainment system

Lets you make phone calls and set the navigation *1. You can control operations via the central multifunction touchscreen, steering wheel controls, or simply use your voice. It’s easy to connect your smartphone or other mobile music device via the USB or standard AUX jack.

Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™

Let you connect your smartphone to the car and use popular apps. Voice recognition capabilities allow hands-free use, keeping everybody safe whilst reducing distractions when you’re on the move.

Subaru XV2

Keyless entry & push button start system

Makes short work of setting off. A key fob gives you easy keyless entry. Simply grip the door handles to unlock them and start the engine with the push of a button.